Universe:First of all, how long has it been since you first opened FRANK'S CHOP SHOP?

Mike:We opened in the middle of November 2006 with a huge art photo exhibit for our grand opening.

Universe:Why did you decide to open up a barbershop, and not a clothing shop or a cafe?

Mike:Because I like to get my hair cut like every three days. I couldn't find a good barber so I found Mister B (FRANK'S CHOP SHOP's top stylist) and I came up with a plan to open a barbershop. Another reason is that retail business is a very hard business and you have to keep inventory, shoe business is another nightmare and I don't know anything about food. So I wanted to have a place where all my friends, business colleagues and international travelers could come and have a meeting with me, get a nice hair cut, and maybe have a coffee afterwords at a corner — or we could go out after a club. It's a good meeting spot for people that we do business with around the world.

Universe:Why did you start selling caps in the barbershop?

Mike:We have our own line of New Era. We have a New Era speciality account and we've been selling New Era caps since day one. We just worked out with a deal and we're gonna be coming up with our own men's grooming line. It's coming soon. Right now, I don't wanna mention a name but we're coming up with our own products like gel, shampoos, pomades and after shave stuff.

Universe:Interesting! We are looking forward to it! By the way, who took those photos that you decorate at the store?

Mike:Um, there's a lot, let me name them. Ricky Powell,  Estevan Oriol, Jonathan Mannion, Janette Beckman,  Boogie,  Shaniqwa Jarvis,  Justin Jay,  Sue Kwon,  Nina Mouritzen,  Todd Nisbet,  Erik Ian Schaetzke, Jamal Shabazz, Mike Schreiber,  Ellen Stagg, The Cobra Snake, Craig Wetherby and Kevin Zacher.

Universe:Wow, do you sell them?

Mike:They were for sale but I decided to buy them all to myself so they're sold lol.

Universe:What part of your shop are you proud of at most?

Mike:I'm proud of my team. My guys are great. I'm very proud that people could come here and get a quality cut, shave or cap and walk out feeling really good about themselves and the feeling that they feel when they leave here makes me proud. And the art work. I think my favorite thing is the big picture of Harold Hunter (*) in the front because Harold and I were really close friends and that picture has been there since day one and it will never move. It blesses the store and me at the entrance.

* a representative African-American skater. A star rider of Zoo York and has been in movie "Kids". R.I.P. Harold Hunter (1974-2006)


DATE : 09.20.2011 | CATEGORY : CULTURE @en