Universe:What have been the biggest challenge within the last 5 years?

Mike:It hasn't been really any challenges I have to say. Everything has been pretty smooth. A lot of businesses take months or years to start getting the business in, but within the first couple of months we were pretty busy and Mister bee has done a very good job of keeping everything smooth. I guess the only real financial challenge is that we only have 4 chairs, so if we had 6 or 7 chairs, we could bring more customers. The phone rings all day long so the only real challenge is that we're getting more calls than the amount of chairs that we have, so if we have more chairs it will be more profitable. But the shop is really successful, and there hasn't been any real problems.

Universe:What's your future vision for the shop? You mentioned that you want to have more chairs?

Mike:This store will never change because like the first McDonalds is the same as the first McDonalds. But in the future, I understand that to make the business more profitable, you need more chairs so we're gonna open shops in LA, Chicago, Miami, Washington DC and eventually Japan too.

Universe:Where does the name "FRANK'S CHOP SHOP" come from?

Mike:It's based on to speak frankly about whatever you thought you wanted to talk about and being Frank is a man. Also Frank White of "King of New York" (classic gang movie), The shop logo comes from Benjamin Franklin, a real pioneer and it can be seen all over the shop.Benjamin Franklin was always a gentleman and living a good lifestyle and took part in amazing parties in Europe. He was just such a gentleman. He was the gentleman of leisure in his era. So the concept of the barbershop is to be a gentleman like Benjamin Franklin was and to take good care of yourself like nice shaves or treat yourself with nice dinners and date beautiful exotic women. It's the Franklin way. It's to enjoy the finer things of life. That's what Benjamin Franklin was all about and we're bringing back the feel in todays modern world.

Universe:Do you have any other projects coming up?

Mike:We're gonna be opening new stores. We have a business plan and investor's package and everything's coming. We're opening 4 stores within the next 2 years and look out for the grooming products! Check out www.frankschopshop.com and we ship internationally. And follow us on twitter! @FranksChopShop

Universe:Thank you so much for the time. At last, what would you like to say to the Japanese earthquake victims?

Mike:I would like to say Peace & Love to everyone out there cause everyone knows I have and send love to Japanese people very much. We're gonna do a benefit and we'll have it donated it all to Red Cross Japan. Just peace and love and everybody will recover. It's a terrible loss and tragedy but keep it moving, stay positive and get through it. You'd be okay pretty soon.

Mister bee


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