We ran into a young barber Kevin and a veteran barber Mister bee chilling at the office so we got to interview them too. They both are representative barbers of FRANK'S CHOP SHOP and are talented key persons to the future of the shop. What is the CHOP SHOP like from a barber's point of view?


Interview with Mister Bee

Universe:How long have you been working here?

Mister Bee:From day one.

Universe:Have you known Mike back then?

Mister Bee:Mike and I had mutual friends and they put us together.

Universe:Kevin mentioned that you have a variety of clients from Wall Street guys to kids but do you also have celebrity clients?

Mister Bee:We have everybody from the guys of the Hip Hop world like Alchemist, Killer Mike, GZA and U-God from Wu-Tang. We've had professional basketball players like David Lee from the New York Knicks, Neon Trees which is a alternative rock band, Toby Morse from punk rock band H20, Freddy and DMS Crew guys (New York's hard core bands).

Universe:How do you like working at the FRANK'S CHOP SHOP so far?

Mister Bee:I love this, it's been a fun journey and we're still going. I'm just enjoying the ride and it's been very interesting because I had my doubts in the beginning cause I've never been a part in a new business.

Universe:How long have you been cutting hair?

Mister Bee:Almost 17 years now. I started when I was real young. So it's been a long time and this is the best barbershop I've ever worked at.

Universe:What's the difference between the other barbershops that you have worked at and here?

Mister Bee:I would say it's very eclectic. We have a very eclectic clients where most other shops are one dimensional.

Universe:A lot of shops are stiff too?

Mister Bee:That's true! I've worked in shops that are very controlled and calm, and I've worked at shops that are rowdy and is just out of control. This has a nice balance of both. I like the feel that the CHOP SHOP represents New York City in a lot of ways. This is New York, it's a melting pot and they all come here.

Universe:So it's like cultural gathering spot!

Mister Bee:Exactly. It's a cultural hub.

Universe:And people exchange their information and networking?

Mister Bee:That's the tradition of a barbershop. It's always supposed to be a hub of information going way way back. People come to find out what' happening.

Universe:So the customers just come to get a haircut and chill afterwords at times?

Mister Bee:Absolutely!

Universe:Thank you so much!


Interview with Kevin

Universe:How long have you been working at this shop?

Kevin:Today is my first day… It's a joke lol. For a couple years, it's so fast.

Universe:How long have you been cutting hair professionally?

Kevin:Around 8 years. A basic barber story, you cut your friends, you cut your family members, go to barber school, I learned to cut longer hair from my aunt, just stuff like that. Very basic, probably similar to Mister bee (FRANK'S CHOP SHOP's top stylist) or any other barbers.

Universe:So how did you get this opportunity to work here?

Kevin:Actually, I had done a little research.  I was looking at potential shops that I'd be interested in working at. And I actually came in and bought a hat as a customer because I'm a fan of the line of hats. So I figured I'd support the shop by doing that. And then check out and see what the vibe is when you first walk in and I looked on line and did a little research. And read Mister Bee's bios on the website. I was like this barbershop would be something that is perfect for me. So I scheduled an appointment as to come in and get my hair cut here. To see and really feel what it's like to be a modern gentlemen of leisure. Actually Bee wasn't here on Saturday but I came in, got my hair cut, and enjoyed it. I'd spoken with the barber that cut my hair. I was like "Hey, I'm a barber and I'd like to feel the shop" and he was like "Let me introduce you to the owner" and he brought him outside and introduced me to Mike and we exchanged numbers. We just talked a little bit , he sent me text messages, I talked to Bee on the phone, I came in, had an interview and they offered me a position.

Universe:Great! So, so far how do you like working here?

Kevin:Ah I can't wait to quit! lol Nah I love it, I love it! Everybody here is like a family. Everybody from the shop girls who are always sweet, super nice, to Bee his chair is next to mine, he's like an older brother, a mentor to me. Immediately from the time that I had met him, we sat down and talked about our interests, like tattoos, hard core Hip Hop, all kinds of music, art, fashion… Different things that we definitely see in our eyes, we had a lot in common. Same thing with Mike. Mike and I definitely click together.

Universe:What type of clients do you guys have?

Kevin:For me, they range from …there is the projects right across the street so a lot of kids come from here to Wall Street guys, to lawyers to hardcore bands. Everything's by appointment.

Universe:So how do they find out about the CHOP SHOP?

Kevin:It depends but like the Wall Street guys will come in with a nice hair cut and their buddies will be like "Wow where'd you get your hair cut?" and they'd be like "I got my hair cut at the CHOP SHOP why don't you?" and the next thing you know, we get his friends schedule appointments for you too.

Mike: It's like global destination. People from Australia, Japan, Europe, they always make an appointment to stop in here and get a hair cut. From Anderson Cooper (America's popular journalist, newscaster), to lawyers to street wear people, they all would come through.



DATE : 09.20.2011 | CATEGORY : CULTURE @en