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今回の [When in Rome ] は、単身NYに渡り建築家として活躍する “Jun Kawai”氏 をクローズアップ。ストリートで培ってきた感性を建築の世界で発揮し、素晴らしい作品を造り続けている注目の日本人アーティストだ。
芸術的な能力とファッションスタイルを活かしたアパレルブランド “DELAM” も展開するなど、溢れる才能を様々な形で世に発信し続ける彼にクイックインタビューを敢行。お楽しみください。








ジュン カワイとして将来的にはどんなことを考えていますか?

趣味で [DELAM] っていう洋服のブランドを立ち上げたんだです。建築の学位を取って、卒業する頃には、自分の建築の知識とファッションをミックスして、建築、インテリアデザイン、そしてファッションという形で自分にしかできない何かを作りたいと思っています。


ASAP ROCKY、A Tribe Called Quest、日本人だと、ナカツイツキと2wastedですかね。








We step in to the architectural universe of JUN KAWAII ! & yes his last name is Kawaii. which makes sense to say he was born to be great, and to be featured as his good bro Rome's. Kawaii down of the month, lets take the time to know more about JUN'S style, artistic abilities and his clothing brand 'DELAM" and know why we picked JUN FOR JUNE!

Please let us know about your back ground

I'm from Japan and my city call Fukuoka which is located in Kyushu island. I was in Japan until junior high school and after that I moved to Vancouver,Canada by myself to attend high school. After graduating from high school, I moved to LA to study architecture but the weather was too nice and  I was playing around too much and I couldn't focus on what I have to do(studying). Also fashion scene in LA didn't fit me because of the weather and I couldn't wear What I want to wear so the fashion itself didn't suit me. I still love visiting LA tho!

What makes You so passionate about architecture?

It's like making a movie. Makes me feels like I'm a director. I'm designing not only the building but it's atmosphere; how it changes it's faces and colors depends on the people who use the architecture. But still the building itself stays as it is for long time.

When did you arrive in NYC and how is your experience thus far?

I came to NYC in 2012 and I just fell in love with this city. I met many nice and friendly people (include my brother Jerome) and freezing weather in winter which I hate and love reminds me that I am in New york and push me to what I have to do. Also, I love the fashion here. Everyone wears whatever they like and it is totally so cool!! When I go to different boroughs, I see many different fashion and people everywhere and I love it!

So Whats Next for Jun Kawaii in the future?

First of all, I need to finish my degree for architecture but at the same time I'm doing my clothing brand call "DELAM" as my hobby so, at the time when I graduate, I want to mix my knowledge of architecture and fashion to create things that only I can imagine in design scenes such as architecture, interior design and also fashion.

What Music artist are you listening currently?

ASAP ROCKY, A tribe Called Quest, Itsuki Nakatsu and 2wasted from Japan!

Your Style is Kawaii Zown! What inspires your personal style?

Everything that I see and feel!

Name 3 Brands you can't live without.

DELAM, Vintage clothing, VANS

Brooklyn or Harlem ?


What's Your favorite Place to Party in New York & Japan?

Wherever my friends are! But I like to go to Up&down in New York and Feria in Japan!

Please finish the sentence “When in Rome…?”

When in rome, look up in Pantheon.


Photographer:Courtney Harvier 
Contributing Editor:Rome (#kawaiizown)

Instagram  @junbug21 | @delam_official
Twitter  @D_E_L_A_M




DATE : 06.30.2016 | CATEGORY : CULTURE