Jeremie Delon at A-1 RECORD SHOP


Jeremie Delon at A-1 RECORD SHOP



The music industry is going through a dramatic change with the digitalization, but there still is a few record shops firmly existing in New York. The most cultic record shop of all is the "A-1 RECORD SHOP" located in East Village. It opened in 1996 but the movement itself has been inherited since the 1980's. The senior manager, Jeremie Delon, has a knowledge in a wide variety of music and even has a career as a script writer. We asked Jeremie about the history of A-1 RECORD SHOP, some episodes from back in the days, future of the record scene, and about his masterpiece "THE FUNK HUNT" which A-1 RECORD SHOP is the stage and his new movie "Dog Pound".


——— What brought you to work here?

Jeremie:Well, first of all I grew up in Paris and am half French and half American. At that time, Roman Lord Funk and Aldo Rosati who lead the Paris music scene managed the shop. They knew a lot about boogie music and they brought that scene into New York. The owner was an American guy from Philadelphia. He had a big collection of records like Larry Levan, Grandmaster Flash and Africa Banbaataa. So he started a flee market and his fabulous collection made him popular. But the flee markets were only on weekends so he started a shop to make it full time. Some English people from Sound Library worked here and so did Bean a.k.a TOSHIO KAJIWARA from Japan. Many people worked here and some artists started a career by favor of A-1 RECORD. For example… Eric Duncan, Thomas Bullock, Rub N Tug a duo, Daniel Wang, David Mancuso (organizer of the legendary party "The Loft" in NY) and etc. So many people joined the A-1 movement. Our job is to share good music. I've been going back and forth between Paris and New York and have been here 12 years now.

——— Can you tell us about some of the exclusive records in the shop?

Jeremie:There's many, but this is not a museum of records and the purpose is to sell them. So we don't really have a collection in the shop. We aim to not only DJs and producers but to record collectors now too since the DJs have gone digital. Anyways, we used to have a variety of exclusive records in each sections back in the days, and it was a collection of DJs, producers and collectors. So each record used to be a story of each and every one's taste of music. Oh and we used to have rare records too. Some like test press (a test version which only a few is made and is very rare) and acetate disc (a record made of metal and is an audio disc used before analogs were made and is very rare) were sold in a very high price and we had some until last year. We also have a lot of UFO discs. This means a record that nobody knows about. When we have this kind of records, we target for serious collectors like Kenny Dope, Dimitri from Paris and members of D.I.T.C. We work to keep the collectors satisfied. Collecting records is a serious addiction so in a way, we're trying our best to be the best crack dealer in the market! Lol




DATE : 01.21.2012 | CATEGORY : MUSIC @en