Jeremie Delon at A-1 RECORD SHOP


Jeremie Delon at A-1 RECORD SHOP



——— Can you tell us about your new movie "Dog Pound"?

Jeremie:The director is Kim Chapiron and the producer is Partizan Films. This movie has nothing to do with records or "The Funk Hunt" and is a story about the kids in America's juvenile prison. It takes place in Montana but I wrote the script and filmed it in Canada. In last year's film festival in Tribeca, I won the Film Maker award. Robert Deniro mentioned it as his favorite movie in the festival and I was surprised! It had a good reaction in France. It's already out in DVD and I think you can get it in blu-ray disc in France and Canada. The movie is very raw and is about the kids in juvenile prison. In America, there seems to be a way of thinking that it's better to put the kids in jail rather than teaching them. So I tried hard to show the reality of the kids in juvenile prison as real as I can and not from the politic point of view. The staff did a lot of research for the movie. We spent about one year in making this movie going in and out of juvenile prison in the midwest. I did a lot of research in prison to write the script and all the staff really wanted to show our topics in perfection so we had a lot of corporation from the kids and staffs in prison. We succeeded to show the story's reality without denying the staffs of prison. It actually is a really bad situation, but it's all about the teens in prison.

——— Is the A-1 RECORD SHOP coming up with any projects in the future?

Jeremie:In our shop, when somebody famous comes in, we ask for a polaroid shot and an autograph. Abut this year, we are planning on gathering all the pictures, add some souvenirs and make it a year book. Many people will be taking part in this project, but photographer Ricky Powell will be shooting for us and next year, we are planning an art installation in European big cities and in Japan. Not only the polaroids but also pictures of the memorabilia in the shop, record crates and record covers we have. There are just so many things! It used to be a custom to hide porn pictures in record covers but eventually people would lose or forget about it and end up in our shop. We're not a fetish shop but since those things come in, I want to have an installation of the things we've found wherever the show takes us. The producer is BKRW. Also, we finished a really nice coffee book and with that benefit, I'm planning on supporting the installation art project.

——— At last, please give us a message to the earthquake victims in Japan!

Jeremie:I really feel sorry for the victims. I feel your pain and if there is anything we can do to help our friends in Japan, we will. I am not religious, but I would like to send my prayers. It was a dreadful happening but it was a disaster that you can't tell who's responsibility it is that made this nature problem. If there is anything we can do, I'm sure the Universe Magazine staff knows what's going on, so I want them to let us know the situation and we will help you guys!

<The Funk Hunt>
A short film written by Jeremie. Takes place in A-1 Record.
In 1977, a vinyl made by a funk band who couldn't sell, goes around and becomes sampled to become a totally new song. The movie shows this "Journey of a Vynal".


<Dog Pound>
Jeremie's latest movie. Takes place in Montana. The movie shows a real story of an American juvenile prison.


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