“Fiishbonez” The Muse of the B-Boy Generation Culture



Rome:Hey Fiishbonez tell us a little about yourself.

Fiishbonez:Hello im Fiishbonez and im tryin to change the way people see fashion through my awsome talents.


Rome:Now I understand your a break dancer how did you, how does break dancing influence you ?

Fiishbonez:Breakin has influenced me in many ways, it has influenced me to create movements that the body is not use to doing. opened so many doors to new music and Art.


Rome:Your very well know for your look what inspires your style?

Fiishbonez:While growing up 80s hair metal bands, 80s early 90s hiphop ,hardcore metal, and the BBOY culture influenced my Style the most.  


Rome:You also have really great Hair styles what's your secret to great hair?

Fiishbonez:My secret to great hair is dont over bleach use conditioner more than shampoo.


Rome:What's your top 3 Brands if you had to pick?

Fiishbonez:My top 3 brands are KOKONTOZAI , SUPREME Might not have a 3rd i like to customize a lot of my things


Rome:Raf or Rick?

Fiishbonez:Rick Owens


Rome:If you were a Fish what kind of fish would u be?

Fiishbonez:If i were a Fish i'd be a angler fish but i prefer Shape shifting octopus which is not a fish but can mimic one.


Rome:One word that identifies "Fiishbonez" .



Rome:Please finish this sentence "When in Rome…"

Fiishbonez:When in Rome.. do as u want to do. Don't conform & be who you naturally are.



Rome:Fiishbonez (フィッシュボーンズ) さん、自身のことを少し教えてください。









Rome:髪型もいつも素敵ですね。 その素敵な髪型の秘密を教えてください。




Fiishbonez:俺の好きなブランドトップ3をあげるとしたら、KOKONTOZAI, SUPREME。。。 3つ目はないかも。自分でリメイクするのが好きだから。



Fiishbonez:もし俺が魚だったら、アンコウかな。ああ、でもどっちかというと形が自在なタコがいいな。魚じゃないけどタコならマネできるし (笑)。


Rome:では、Raf Simons (ラフ シモンズ)とRick Owens (リック オーウェンス)だったらどっち派?

Fiishbonez:Rick Owens





Rome:最後に、この文章を自分の言葉で作ってください。 "When in Rome (郷に入れば) …?"

Fiishbonez:郷に入れば。。。 好きなようにする。型にはまらないで、自分らしくいること。


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Photographer:Courtney Harvire   
Contributing Editor:Rome (@when_inrome #kawaiizowne)
Interpreting Article:Mamizo






DATE : 09.10.2015 | CATEGORY : Details, INTERVIEW


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