MAGIC STICK 2018春夏 “Extremely addictive” ルック が公開


“モード × ストリート”に対する答えを提示!

昨年、AIR MAX DAYのデザインコンペ“VOTE FORWARD”への参戦や、最近では、ついにNIKEとのオフィシャルコラボモデルの発売が囁かれる、東京ストリートシーンの体現者、今野直隆氏がデザイナーを務める[MAGIC STICK(マジックスティック)]から、2018春夏コレクションのルックブックが到着。

今シーズンは[Extremely Addictive]と題し、MAGIC STICKの得意とするグラフィカルなモチーフが随所に落とし込まれたコレクションを展開。ミケランジェロによる作品 “アダムの創造” からのモチーフやパブロピカソによる名言がプロダクトの随所に盛り込まれている。





MAGIC STICK / Concept of SS18

MAGIC STICK S/S18 season, is entitled "Extremely Addictive", graphical motifs which are one of MAGIC STICK's strong points are dropped throughout this collection

A motif from the "Creation of Adam" by Michelangelo and a quotation by Pablo Picasso are included in the prints throughout this season’s line.

The basic ethos of MAGIC STICK is based on the concept “streetwear like mode”.

Enjoying the best parts of styling that the designer experienced directly from the 90s through to the 00s sublimate it to the present with the feeling of being modern interpretations of those eras.

For our summer season collection, we worked with Hiroshi Nagai an illustrator who has been creating since the 1970s, and of whom we can say has an influence on Japanese graphic art. He also created the album cover art of many artists such as Hiroshi Fujiwara and Eiichi Otaki, Southern All Stars and many others single-handed including doing work for larger companies.

We appointed Nagai-san as a guest artist to help develop our capsule collection using artwork that reminds everyone of summer.

In addition, we reviewed the production process of our factory, so that our items now have higher technical strength than before. Our motivation is to be a brand which can be clearly differentiated from other mainstream print brands in the world, to those ends we work with pattern makers who have long experience in working with high end brands whose focus is to refine the quality of their garments, so when you wear our clothing the difference in both feel and fit to give a real three-dimensional impression.

Our S/S18 collection is further focused on reviewing the value of ‘disposable clothing’ that we have proposed since our establishment.

Please enjoy our upgraded collection and which are scheduled to start in the middle of January 2018.




DATE : 01.24.2018 | CATEGORY : FASHION