Introducing Jerome Williams


  • Introducing Jerome Williams

Calling Harlem his playground, growing up, his upbringing was cultivated by influencers that he called family. It's clear Jerome Williams' was destined for a life in arts and culture. Later, Williams evolution commenced at Japanese boutique, Atmos. Where he played a key role in settling their roots in the heart of their inspiration, Harlem. This lead to his expansion beyond Harlem, adding Marc Jacobs and a lengthy tenure at Y-3 to his back pocket. Through these associations, he continues to captivate our generation through his auspicious journey.

Rome, as he is affectionately called, is currently the brand ambassador for sportswear brand 'Gypsy Sport' with his respected peer, Rio Uribe. This consequential duo has consulted today's influences such as Lauryn Hill, ASAP Ferg, Kanye West and has even collaborated with Kiko Mizuhara,They both have continuously been on everyone's radar.

He now begins a new chapter in his unconventional destiny, that creates another platform to fuse his Rolodex of peers, and showcase his electric energy internationally. Co-hosting an Internet radio show, along with Tigga Calore called 'The Full Blown Watevs' on Know Wave Radio. Oh, did we mention he was recently appointed contributing editor for Japan's 'Universe magazine' ? With an action packed schedule like his, we look forward to what he has in store for us next.  As the saying goes "Rome wasn't built in a day" but we think he was most certainly built to carry.


ハーレムで生まれ育ち、洗練された感覚を持ち合わせ、“Universe magazine” のコントリビューティング・エディターとしても活躍する「 Jerome Williams (ジェローム・ウィリアムス)」。リル・キムのパーソナルアシスタントをはじめ、様々な経験を経ることでビジネスはハーレムという枠を超えて発展し、“Marc Jacobs (マーク・ジェイコブス)” や “Y-3” と仕事を積んでいくいくことで感性の幅を広げてきた。そんなアプローチと彼の辿る旅路は若い世代を魅了し続けている。

ローム (ジェロームの通称)は、スポーツブランド「Gypsy Sport (ジプシー・スポーツ)」を大切な仲間のひとりである「Rio Uribe (リオ・ウリベ)」とともに展開している。この偉大なるデュオは、ローリン・ヒル、ASAP・ファーグ、カニエ・ウエスト、そして水原キコとのコラボ、彼等と共に今日のシーンに大きな影響を与え続け今日のシーンに大きな影響を与え続けている。

また現在、友人であるロールデックスをフューチャーした新たな基盤造りを元に、世界へ情報を発信していくという、型にはまらない歴史の一ページが始まろうとしている。“The Full Blown Watevs” として知られるインターネットラジオで、ティガ・カロレとホストを開始。





Gypsy Sport

Photographer:Eric Johnson    upstairsaterics.org  https://instagram.com/upstairsaterics
Text:Bio By Bezar


DATE : 06.15.2015 | CATEGORY : FASHION